S&C-100 Tropical Heart
     Correct Symbols for Flamingo and Palm Tree:
S&C – 93 Watercolour Teacups
     Watercolours: correct # for Blush is 115
S&C – 91 A Santa Stocking:
   Patches 14 & 23 should be stitched with Rice Stitch using Pine Forest.
S&C – 87 A Dog Lover’s Heart
     Thanks to all who have found my latest “typo” – page with graph should be titled Dog Lover’s Heart not Cat Lover’s Heart
S&C – 78 Birdhouse Row
     Stitch Count should be 103 x 42.
S&C – 64 Watercolour Ice Cream Cones 
     Please add to the Materials list:
           DMC Perle 5: #504
S&C – 63 Watercolour Tropical Fish – 
               Materials should list Zweigart 10ct Navy Tula not White Tula.