About Sekas


Hi Fellow Stitchers:

I have been a stitcher much longer than I have been a designer. I began stitching in the early 70’s, I taught myself to do crewel, needlepoint and then counted cross stitch. My very first counted cross stitch piece was from “Designs That Count” – Designs by Gloria and Pat and I stitched it on 22 ct (I didn’t know any better).

I was very fortunate to work in a local needlework shop for 9 years and this is when I became an obsessed stitcher and collector. Working in the shop gave me the opportunity to broaden my stitching knowledge – to learn new techniques and many stitching tips, to experiment with new fibers and stitches and also to become a collector of cross stitch projects. I taught classes at the shop and began designing some pieces. Some of the designs were for teaching, some were to promote products in the shop and some were for monthly shop projects.

Sekas & Co comes from my initials and my husband’s:

Ed (works a real job but helps when I need help)

Kimbrough (my maiden name)

Anderson (Ed’s middle name


& Co (our 2 sons – help occasionally)

Most of my day is spent running the business part of Sekas & Co. but my evenings are definitely for “stitching”. Evenings are my time to create new designs or to restitch models for shop trunk shows. Occasionally I even stitch a design by another designer. I treasure the time that I spend stitching. Since stitching helps to calm and relax me; I definitely use it for stress relief.

I hope that you will enjoy stitching Sekas & Co. designs as much as I enjoy designing them.

Happy Stitching